Classroom Resources about World War 1

Schools use the common resource materials in the PDFs to find out the story of their own soldiers’ and community’s experience of the war, and to learn from their partner or link school about that other community’s experiences. In this way both schools learn about each other’s past, and can explore the similarities and differences between the experiences of the two communities in the different nations.

There is a background briefing for the students – Introducing the Program – and 9 specific cross-curriculum activities designed to help students investigate four important enquiry questions:

  • What was my community like when it went to war?
  • What were the experiences of the soldiers and nurses from my community who went to war?
  • What was the impact of the war on my community?
  • How does my community continue to tell me about the war today?

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Extension Resources

eStudies units:

The Australian Light Horse in Sinai and Palestine 1916-1918
How did Australians respond to war in 1914? Why did they respond in these ways?
Australia is at war with Germany. Can you make 10 good decisions about what Australia should do?
Investigating the Australian Experience of the Western Front 1916-1918